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Over at Spinetingler, I have reviews of two stories from On Dangerous Ground: Stories of Western Noir, edited by Ed Gorman, Dave Zeltserman and Martin H. Greenberg. I liked both of the stories I reviewed very much. Special thanks to Brian Lindenmuth and everyone at Spinetingler for inviting me to be involved!

Here are links to my reviews, as well as excerpts.

"Lead Poisoning" by Gary Lovisi
Lovisi can not only write it all, but already has—and in spades! Author, historian, and publisher of Gryphon Books, Lovisi is a triple threat—but also a triple treat to readers everywhere. “Lead Poisoning” shows Lovisi flexing with Western muscles and having a great time spinning a mythological yarn about outlaws, corrupt lawmen, and Indian mystics.

"Going Where the Wind Blows" by Jan Christensen

I’m a sucker for great first lines, and Jan Christensen’s “Going Where the Wind Blows” begins with this stellar hook: “It wasn’t that she liked whoring. But what else could a gal do?” The voice of her main character, Rita Mae Wilson, is immediately apparent, as are the qualities that will guide her through the story: street-smart resourcefulness, world-weary resilience, and a complete absence of sentimentality—not to mention a sense of humor about the bad hand of cards that life sometimes deals you.

Read all the reviews of On Dangerous Ground here at Spinetingler.

Click here to buy a copy of the book direct from Cemetery Dance Publications.

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