Radio Adaptation of Fredric Brown's "Knock"

Last Sunday I posted a link to a short story by Fredric Brown called "Knock" that was originally published in Thrilling Wonder Stories (December 1948). Since then, I have come across a radio adaptation of the piece for the classic show X Minus One. According to Jerry Haendiges' Vintage Radio Logs, it was the fifth episode for the series and premiered on May 22, 1955. Alexander Scourby plays "the last man on earth," Laurie March plays the last female, and Luis Van Rooten plays the alien race who have conquered earth. According to the site, it seems that Brown himself scripted the adaptation!

Lisen to "Knock" in mp3 format here.


Listen to "Knock" in Real Player format here. (Courtesy of Old Time Radio Network -

By browsing both sites you will find links to many other episodes of X Minus One (and old time radio shows). If anyone uncovers any gems - or already has some to recommend - please leave a comment! I'm new to vintage radio and very much looking forward to learning more about it.


  1. I am going to have to read some of Brown's stuff, I have Hunter and hunted : the Ed and Am Hunter novels : part one from the library on my shelf right now.

  2. I often download these old radio shows as podcasts to listen on my Ipod - I've recorded this one to my hard drive and will listen later. Interesting - thanks.

  3. I'm on my way to take a listen. Thanks.


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