"The Rag Tag Girl" by Norbert Davis (The Phantom Detective, May 1936)

Daylight Savings has thrown my schedule off a bit, so I'm off to a late start today. No worries - there's always time for some fast-paced, hardboiled action, and this week's selection for Stories for Sunday delivers just that. It's "The Rag Tag Girl" by Norbert Davis, originally published in The Phantom Detective (May 1936). As the story begins, an ex-Private Eye is paying a visit to his former partner...in jail.

Lunsford glowered at him. "So now you're in jail again!"

"Yes, Karl," Saunders said meekly.

"And for murder! Why do you always have to pick out the worst thing possible? Why couldn't you make it manslaughter or mayhem or something?"

Reluctantly taking the case, Lunsford's investigation leads him from a crooked gambler found dead in a ditch to a missing whippet -- and what story would be complete without a couple of gat wielding hoodlums?

Make up for that lost hour with a quick dose of the hardboiled! Read "The Rag Tag Girl" by Norbert Davis online here (courtesy of PulpGen).


  1. A great story, an exceptional writer. Norbert may be my favorite writer of the pulp era if I did a top ten. I love the way he easily mixed humor into many of his hardboiled tales. I've been on a quest for the past few years to collect his entire body of work. Great post Cullen!

  2. Someone else that I've never heard of. I'll check this out asap. Cheers Cullen!

  3. I've read The Mouse in the Mountain by Davis and enjoyed it... I hear that Sally's in the Alley is a good read as well...


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