Confessions of a Record Fiend: Part 1 of an on-going series

Recently, I decided to go back into the world of vinyl. At the end of May I bought a record player as a reward for finishing a writing project, and have been enjoying record hunting throughout New York City. I try to limit myself mainly to the cheapo bins, and so far I've had some incredible scores. My latest one was last week.

I couldn't believe my luck, as I found two of my dream LPs, both in great shape: Judy Garland's Alone and Robert Mitchum's Calypso Is Like So.

I was also psyched to find 12 Northern Cheyenne Songs, Blossom Dearie's Once Upon a Summertime, Charlie Rich's Boss Man, and Beach Boys' Concert.

I could still hold a few more records in my arms, so I added Waylon Jennings' Don't Think Twice It's Alright (his earliest recordings) and Ol' Waylon, Porter Wagoner's Soul of a Convict and Other Great Prison Songs, Booker T. and the MG's The Booker T. Set, and Roy Buchanan's That's What I'm Here For.

Today's plan? Clean 'em up and start listening to them!

There's a 25 cent record sale tomorrow, as long as it doesn't rain. Hoping for another great vinyl score adventure there.


  1. That's great you found the Robert Mitchum record. I have it on CD but would love to have the vinyl. Also that Porter Wagoner. Great finds.

  2. I was expecting to shell out big money for the Mitchum and Judy albums. I got the whole shebang for $15. The Porter Wagoner was one of those records I never knew I needed, until I saw it, and then I knew we should never be apart.

  3. Great music taste Cullen ..... i've always thought judy G has a kind of Noirish theme at times but maybe thats just me ..... what's your opinion on my own blog ?


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