In Search of David Goodis' "The Burglar"

Over at Shooting Pool with David Goodis, Aaron Finestone takes a visit to Atlantic City in search of remaining traces of one of Goodis' masterpieces, The Burglar. Head on over to Aaron's site to read about his journey and see photographs of the places he visited.


  1. Aaaurgh! I just read your review of the Burglar and this post. When I first started to buy hardboiled and noir about 20 years ago I bought the Blue Murder edition for 3 bucks (there were two on the shelf that day). I never read it and sold it to a bookstore a couple of moves ago. I got rid of several Goodis and gradually found them again but I've never seen this one.

    I saw that it was a Vintage Black Lizard book, was it also a rack-sized Black Lizard from the Creative Arts company? I don't even think I've seen a cover scan if it was.

  2. No, THE BURGLAR wasn't one of the original Black Lizard books, just part of the Vintage lineup.

    I'm not sure why THE BURGLAR is so hard to find -- it should be better known. In my opinion, it is one of his best (alongside SOMEBODY'S DONE FOR, which was also republished by Blue Murder).


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