Stories for Sunday: Brazill, Brown, and Rawson

One degree shy of 90 here in Brooklyn this morning - perfect weather for murder, counterfeiting, and arson - right? Well, the protagonists in these three stories don't fare so well as they hoped. So, grab a cold drink, turn on the fan (or AC, if you're lucky enough), and enjoy the stories.

1) "In the Shower, Thinking" by Keith Rawson. Originally published at A Twist of Noir, Rawson's story was the winner of their March contest - and rightfully so. A couple of guys from the office plot to drive a co-worker "postal" in attempt to gather fame and fortune for themselves. But driving a man crazy is hard work, and insanity can be rather contagious...

2) "This Old House" by Paul D. Brazill. The only thing better than finding a writer you like is to find one so prolific as Brazill. His latest, published at Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers, follows a man down on his luck whose bright idea - burning down the house - isn't as uplifting as he hoped.

And finally, a classic:

3) "Don't Look Behind You" by Fredric Brown. A small-time printer hooks up with a con-artist to start a counterfeiting operation. Things go awry, and both the police and his irate cohorts are after the phony plates - only the printer has something else on his mind: revenge. Originally published in the May 1947 issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.

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  1. Cullen. thanks mate. What great company to keep!

  2. Cullen,

    I love it that you lumped me and Brazil in with Fredric Brown!Thanks for including me in your Sunday morning!

  3. The Brown story is one of my all time favourite short mysteries.

  4. These are still on my list to read. I'm still a little behind schedule. If someone would just pay me to write and read all day long-that would be perfect.

  5. We're working on it David. Mostly what's trying to be done is we're working on a cloning machine so you can be a thousand places at once

  6. If you find someone that will pay you to read and write, pass their name along to me.


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