David Goodis Obituaries

David Goodis
March 2, 1917 – January 7, 1967
In his honor, I am posting several obituaries. Please click on the images for larger, more easily readable files.




  1. Good stuff.

    I'll be graveside with Lou Boxer and the crew Sunday morning.

  2. The obits stating that DARK PASSAGE made Bogart a movie star are of course just nonsense. He already was a star. As far as Bacall, yes they were married but the big movie for them was TO HAVE AND TO HAVE NOT. The NY Time obit is most accurate simply stating that Bogart was in the movie.

  3. The Man, The Myth and The Legend live on!

    I will be with Don Lafferty with all the loyal Goodisheads this Sunday to celebrate the life of David Goodis.


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