Paul Cain Story Discovered

Evan Lewis, who wrote the fabulous pirate adventure "The Mercy of Jean Lafitte," has recently found a Paul Cain story that has never been reprinted before. It is called "Dutch Treat" and comes from the December 1936 issue of Black Mask. Cain's prose is hardboiled to the bone, action-packed, and at times blisteringly bleak. I can't recommend his books highly enough: Seven Slayers (his selected pulp stories) and Fast One (a novel).

To learn more about "Dutch Treat," head over to Evan Lewis' website, Davy Crockett's Almanack of Mystery, Adventure, and The Wild West.

Thanks, Evan, for unearthing and sharing this story!


  1. What a find! Another writer I have yet to come across.

  2. Thanks Cullen. It's true, gang. Come on over and I'll be happy to send you the story (plus two other "lost" Cains if you like).

  3. Evan has a whole slew of great pulp finds available on his website.

    * 1) Robert Leslie Bellem: Shakedown Sham (Dan Turner)
    * 2) Robert Leslie Bellem: Lust of the Lawless (Spicy Western)
    * 3) Paul Cain: Chinaman's Chance (Black Mask) and 555 (DFW)
    * 4) Richard Sale: A Dirge for Pagliaccio (Daffy Dill)
    * 5) Cleve F. Adams: Jigsaw (Detective Fiction Weekly)
    * 6) Norvell Page: Death Plays Knock-Knock (Spicy Detective)
    * 7) Norbert Davis: Never Say Die (Detective Fiction Weekly)
    * 8) Cary Moran: Lottery of Death (Spicy Detective)
    * 9) Richard Sale: 10 O'Clock (Nickel Detective)
    * 10) Walter Gibson: The Living Shadow (1st Shadow novel)
    * 11) Norbert Davis: Their Guardian from Hell (Star Western)
    * 12) Richard Sale: Long Shot (first Candid Jones)
    * 13) Erle Stanley Gardner: The Crimson Mask (Lester Leith)
    * 14) Laurence Donovan: Killer Tells All (Speed Detective)


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