Stories for Sunday: "Spend it Now, Pay Later" by Nik Morton (Beat to a Pulp, 2009)

For this week's edition of Stories for Sunday I turn to David Cranmer and Elaine Ash's excellent publication Beat to a Pulp, a treasure trove of hard-hitting e-pulp that includes stories by such writers as Jack Martin, Chap O'Keefe, Patti Abbott, and Charles Gramlich, to name just a few. Their latest gut punch? "Spend it Now, Pay Later" by Nik Morton, an unsettling and timely story of a single mother caught in an economic depression who jumps at an opportunity to get herself out of debt and build a future for her daughter. The price: nothing much now, just her arms twenty years down the line, and that's a long way off... Morton has over thirty years publishing experience behind him (including several Black Horse Westerns under the name Ross Morton), and this latest story - a taut, nightmarish allegory from first word to last - is proof of his highly honed craftsmanship.

Read "Spend it Now, Pay Later" by Nik Morton.

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  1. Hey, it's only a leg and twenty years to a young person seems like an eternity. I'm betting quite a few would nibble on that lure.


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