Heath Lowrance's All Women Are Bad

Who doesn't like bad girls? They may kick our ass, they might rob us, or run us over, and heck they might even kill us -- but we still love 'em!

Heath Lowrance has started a new blog dedicated to just such girls called All Women Are Bad. Lowrance promises more "Bad girls, dangerous dames and voluptious vixens from all eras" and that "They've got groovy, wiggly tails. They've got horns on their heads." First two posts up are about Tura Satana and Julie Newmar.

Check it out and look for more updates soon!

(Also: Thanks, Heath for the great review of Beat to a Pulp: Round One!)


  1. I just watched "Body Heat" last night. There was a very good bad girl. It held up very well, though it came out in 1981

  2. Thanks so much for the plug, Cullen!
    Charles, Kathleen Turner will show up at All Women Are Bad pretty soon!


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