"Melanie" by Edward A. Grainger (David Cranmer) over at The Tainted Archive

Pulp Serenade can't get enough of Edward A. Grainger's on-going adventures of Cash Laramie. The latest installment, "Melanie," is available over at Gary Dobbs' Tainted Archive as part of the West West eMonday celebration.

In "Melanie," Marshall Cash Laramie saves a little girl from getting run over in the street, but can he save her from everyday evils that await her at home?

Another terrific story with compelling drama and complex characters from David Cranmer. Let's hope the Cash Laramie stories keep coming!


  1. Thanks, Cullen. I'm glad you liked it and a few more Cash Laramie crime/westerns are on the way.

  2. Enjoyed Melanie. The subject matter is new to me in a western. It continues to be a touchy subject, although there is enough abuse of women to go round.

  3. The Cash story was one of the highlights of Wild West eMonday and I couldn't be more pleased with the story. Now remember everyone buy a western eBook today.


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