Sunday's Book Score

Topping off a great weekend of movies, visiting friends from out of town, tacos and pulled pork, one of my local bookstores obtained a bunch of vintage paperback novels (crime, western, and sci-fi). Unfortunately, they just piled them on the floor and left them under tables to get kicked around, so I rescued a bunch of them today. One of my friends also gave me a couple books as a belated xmas present. Some new authors, some old favorites, a nice mixture. Now, the eternal problem–where to start!

Here's the total score:

Victor Canning, The Limbo Line, Berkley Medallion 1963

Gerald Kersh, Night and the City, Dell 1941 (a mapback edition!)

H.P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, Del Ray 1970

H.P. Lovecraft, The Lurking Fear and Other Stories, Ballantine 1971

E.B. Mann, The Whistler, Pocket Books 1954 (includes the stories "The Whistler," "Outlaw Rule," and "Doctored Guns")

Wade Miller, Calamity Fair, Signet 1951

Vin Packer, Whisper His Sin, Gold Medal 1954

Richard Sale, Home is the Hangman, Popular Library 1943 (includes the story "Beam to Brazil")

Harry Whittington, Cross the Red Creek, Avon 1964

Harry Whittington, Drygulch Town/Prairie Raiders, Ace 1963 (an Ace double!)


  1. Wow, nice score, Cullen. Maybe i need to start checking under the tables at our used book stores. And when i come home, arms overloaded with books, I can tell my wife, "I had to get them; it was a rescue mission."

  2. Bravo! You got some good ones. As for where to start, I've read all three of those Whittington Westerns, and they're top-notch. I haven't read that Wade Miller, but it's hard to go wrong with one by those guys.

  3. I see a few that may make very nice Friday Forgotten Books reviews.


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