Derek Raymond on Words and Writing

"If you go down into the darkness, you must expect it to leave traces on you coming up — if you do come up. It’s like working in a mine; you hope that hands you can’t see know what they’re doing and will pull you through. I know I wondered half way through [I Was Dora] Suarez if I would get through — I mean, if my reason would get through. For the trouble with an experience like [I Was Dora] Suarez is that you become what you’re writing, passing like Alice through the language into the situation."

-Derek Raymond (Robin Cook), The Hidden Files


  1. He was a degenerate drunk, but, man, could he write

  2. With what he wrote, I'm unsuprised that he was a degenerate drunk. (we're doing a big project on DR over at TRS in the coming weeks, I've been spending a lot of time with this stuff of late.)

    Allan Guthrie lent me his copy of 'The Hidden Files'!

  3. Paul! I take it you're back 'home' now?


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