Stories for Sunday: "Hobbyist" by Fredric Brown

Try as we might, some Sundays we just have to spend catching up on work. So, for those of you who, like myself, have a long "to do" list, here's a real short story that you can read quickly, but that will certainly stay in your memory. It's called "Hobbyist" and is by one of my favorite writers, Fredric Brown. The story was originally published in the May 1961 issue of Playboy, and later in the collection Nightmares and Geezenstacks.

Since I've already gushed about how much I admire Brown's writing several times on this blog, I won't repeat myself, except to say that Fredric Brown never fails to deliver a gleefully fiendish tale. Such is the case with "Hobbyist," about a man who visits a pharmacist in search of an undetectable poison and winds up getting more than he bargained for.

Read "Hobbyist" by Fredric Brown.


  1. Yes, a nice wicked flash fiction for the morning. Course it's Sunday. Maybe I should have been reading a more uplifting story.


  2. He seems to have invented flash fiction.

  3. Keep gushing away on Brown. His name needs to be up there with Hammett and Chandler.

  4. Never heard of Brown before bumping into Cullen. Great find!


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