Confessions of a Record Fiend, Pt. 3

A couple weekends ago, Human Head Records in Bushwick was having a sidewalk record sale. 25 cents a record. I woke up early, caught the train and met up with my partners in vinyl crime, Nikki and Daryl. I brought three tote bags, just in case, you know, the store didn't have bags big enough to hold all the records I wanted to buy.

Good thing I brought them.

While I should pat myself on the back for not using all three bags, two of them were filled, and that was just about enough to break my back. If had I had filled the third bag, I wouldn't have been able to carry them all home. In all, I got 57 records for $13, and picked up one from inside the store for $4. I just started going through them, and so far there was only one dud, a Jimmy Smith album had the wrong record inside the sleeve, and the record was more scratched than I thought. Oh, well, it was only a quarter.

If you're ever in Bushwick, head over and check out Human Head, amazing selection, very cool dudes that work there, and they even do in store concerts. Hell, why didn't I swing by today? Might have to head over tomorrow.

Here's the contents of the first bag. Still haven't gone through the second one yet. 

Jim Croce - I Got a Name
Glen Campbell - Oh Happy Day
Four Tops - Live!
Tammi Terrell - Irresistible
Herb Ellis and Charlie Byrd - Guitar/Guitar
Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge - Breakaway
W.C. Fields - The Original Voice Tracks From His Greatest Movies
Frankie Laine - Hell Bent for Leather
Merle Haggard - The Best Of
Burt Bacharach - Make It Easy On Yourself
Richard Thompson - Hand of Kindness
Glen Campbell - The 12 String Guitar Of
The Chi-Lites - A Letter To Myself
George Benson - The Other Side of Abbey Road
The Motortown Revue Vol. 2
Tom Rush - Take a Little Walk With Me
Leon Russell and Marc Benno - Asylum Choir - Look Inside
Dave Edmunds - DE7
Jerry Lee Lewis - The Original
The Temptations - Sing Smokey
Stiffs Live
The Four Tops - Greatest Hits
Roy Clark - The Best Of
The Supremes - Merry Christmas
Barney Kessel - Hair is Beautiful
Leon Russell - Will O The Wisp
Joe Pass - Portraits of Duke Ellington
Billy Paul - 360 Degrees of Billy Paul

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