Scott Phillips' "Nocturne le vendredi"

It's always thrilling and humbling when someone tells you they dig what you are making. When Scott Phillips told me he not only liked my music (released under the name Modern Silent Cinema), but wanted to use it in a book trailer, I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. When a pinch failed to wake me up, I reached for the nearest metal baseball bat. Thankfully, there wasn't one within arm's reach, otherwise I might not be around to write this blog post. Anyway, it was a huge honor, and I'm a million times thankful to Scott for his support.

I just got to see the final product today, and I have to say, it's a pretty damn awesome trailer. I'm psyched that I was able to be a part of it! Now, if only I read French, because the novel is coming out in France and it is called Nocturne le vendredi. Here's what Scott had to say about the book on his blog:

It's loosely based on a period in the early nineties when my friend Lane Davies and I were running around Paris trying to raise money for a movie. Lane was the star of a soap opera, "Santa Barbara," that was broadcast with great success during prime time in France, and was such a celebrity there that we were certain we could get this thing made. We didn't but hijinks ensued and when les Éditions la Branche asked me to write something for the series I asked Lane if he'd object to me depicting him as a murdering psychopath (in the novel, things go slightly more haywire than they did in real life).

Can't wait for the English language version -- and, fingers crossed, a screen adaptation!

In the meantime, here's the book trailer. It is in English with French subtitles.

The song is called "The Passion Killer," and you can stream/download it here on my website:


  1. Okay I laughed right out loud when "It's good to be the star" came up. Great editing job with your music, Cullen. Build is great, nice tension and dynamics. The "sound" is just like you: controlled passion.

  2. Cullen, the music is the very heart and soul of the video....thanks a million for letting me use it.


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