Christa Faust at LitReactor

Holy shit Christa Faust is teaching an online course. And why aren't you signed up for it already?

(Ignore this post if you've already signed up for the class.)

But seriously, this is an amazing opportunity. It is one thing to sit back and think how cool it would have been to learn from some of the crime fiction greats of yesteryear like (insert your favorite deceased writer here), but now we actually have the chance to learn from one of the most daring and kickass writers working today. We're talking the creator of characters like Angel Dare and Butch Fatale, Dyke Dick.

The 4-week workshop is called "Tough Dames: How to Write Believable Hardboiled Heroines," and it begins March 19th. All the details are here on LitReactor's website.

I hope this course does really well and that not only does Christa come back to teach more courses through LitReactor, but that their whole online writing seminar program blows up and more of today's great crime writers are invited to teach.

Even if you can't sign up, help spread the word so that others learn about this great opportunity and that LitReactor's writing programs continue to grow.

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