New EP: "The Passion Killer Whose Prison Romance Set Off a Scandal."

Howdy folks,

Advance apologies for the brief digression away from crime fiction...

Outside of writing, one of my main interests is music. I've been playing and writing music for most of my life (got my start when I was 7). Since 2004, I've been recording an experimental instrumental rock side project under the name Modern Silent Cinema. It originally started as just some guitar chords for me to practice bass over when I was between bands, but over time the progressions got more complex, and they eventually became full compositions. I write, record, and play all the instruments on the songs.

Last spring, I recorded 3 EPs, and they've been sitting on my computer collecting digital dust. So, I decided to break them out, master them, and post them online. The first one is called "The Passion Killer Whose Prison Romance Set Off a Scandal." The title and cover come from an old true crime magazine. Boy, were those headlines something!

The EP is free to stream or download at my Bandcamp page, and I've also embedded a player in this post so you can listen without leaving the page.

Thanks for listening, and I promise that Pulp Serenade will return to its originally scheduled programming soon...


  1. That's solid! Evocative of closing credit music to a particularly good b-movie.

  2. Good! Nice set. When do we hear more?


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