Jack Taylor's Movie Collection

Ever wonder what movie you'd watch if Jack Taylor invited you over? One of my favorite parts of Ken Bruen's The Guards was the description of Jack Taylor's video collection. I gotta admit, Jack has pretty impeccable taste when it comes to film. Like Taylor himself, these films are suffused with doom and darkness, but also poetry. They're not all that cheery, but then again, neither is Jack. Still, I could go for any one of these any night of the week.
When I came to, my hangover had abated. Not gone but definitely not howling. After a shower an an oh so careful shave, I headed for my video shelf. It's sparse but has my very essentials:

Paris, Texas
Once Upon a time in the West
Sunset Boulevard
Double Indemnity
Cutter's Way
Dog Soldiers [Who'll Stop the Rain]


  1. the climax of who'll stop the rain was very influential on me.

    i also love when jack taylor goes out and buys a joy division record. that made me smile

  2. This is a worthy endeavor-- someone should also compile a list of every book Jack mentions over the course of the series also!

  3. I was actually thinking the same thing, Heath. Maybe I'll start keeping a list as I break into book three later this month.

  4. I'd forgotten Cutter's Way. That never seems to turn up on TCM.

  5. I suspect that the latest Pelecanos (‘The Cut’) was influenced by the inter-textuality on display in the Taylor books.

    ‘Dog Soldiers’ is interesting because it plays like an Elmore Leonard adaptation, shorn of the weight of Stone’s prose. I saw ‘Cutter’s Way’ recently. Good that.


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