Patti Abbott's Latest Flash Fiction Challenge

Patti Abbott is hosting a new Flash Fiction Challenge over on her blog. Her past Challenges have turned out some terrific stories, and one event even spawned a book: Discount Noir. Already for this latest Challenge she's got Heath Lowrance, Chad Eagleton, and Gerald So. David Cranmer even dropped a comment saying he might be involved. I can already tell this is going to be a great lineup. Patti will also be donating money to a charity organization for everyone that joins in. Below is the announcement that Patti made on her blog earlier today:


Reginald Marsh is a painter I am very fond of. He considered his work to be social realism and most of his scenes were from New York in the twenties and thirties.

You can find many examples of his work if you just google-image his name.

Challenge: Write a story in any genre of under 1000 words based on one of Marsh's paintings. If you don't have a blog, I will post it.

End date: Three weeks from today, October 18th.

I will donate $5.00 for every story submitted to Union Settlement, a social service
agency in East Harlem servicing 16, 000 people, with a minimum contribution of $100. This agency is near and dear to our family and badly in need of donations in these times.

Hope someone wants to play. It's my money but your talent I'm buying.
If you're interested in joining in on the fun, let Patti know on her blog.

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