New Black Horse Extra Issue Online!

Chap O'Keefe has posted the latest issue of Black Horse Extra online. Lots of great news in there for fans of Western literature and culture. Here's a rundown of the contents:

-In "Real Cowboys and Reel Cowboys," Greg Mitchell (Crooked Foot's Gold) looks at how hats, gunbelts, and other cowboy regalia of the Old West is represented in movies. His insight into the practical use of rolled-brim hats, cuffs, chaps, spurs, and other aspects of the cowboy costume is very enlightening. One of my favorite parts was about the iconic bandana:
"The bandanna around the neck was not the sole domain of the cowboy and was worn by many 19th century outdoor workers and sailors. A large percentage of shirts in those days were collarless and the bandanna gave some protection from the sun, specially if the person had a narrow-brimmed hat or was wearing a cap."
-"Hoofprints" keeps readers up to date with Western news, including: BHW authors Colin Bainbridge and Carl Bernard; The Western Fictioneers anthology The Traditional West; a sneak-peak at an upcoming BHW called Fort Revenge by Ralph Hayes; a look at new "flipback" books from the Netherlands,; BHW artist Michael thomas is selling his cover art as posters; AMC has a new TV series called Hell on Wheels; and much more.

-Jack Martin (Gary Dobbs), David Whitehead, Nik (Ross) Morton and Chap O'Keefe discuss "The Rights and Wrongs of eBooks." Speaking of digital books, Chap O'Keefe's early novel, The Sandhills Shooting, is now available as an eBook.

-There's also a list of New Black Horse Western Novels.

-And Chap was also kind enough to reprint my recent review of Misfit Lil Cheats the Hangrope.

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