Big Chicken Barn Haul

Yesterday, I went to one of Maine's biggest landmarks: The Big Chicken Barn in Orland. It is a huge antique and used bookstore housed in--yup, you guessed it--a big chicken barn. It was so big, I couldn't capture it in one photo.

The Big Chicken Barn boasts 21, 600 square feet of floor space, 150,000 books, and 20,000 magazines. Plus, two new indoor restrooms!

Below are some more pictures from inside the bookstore, plus the books that I picked up. All of their paperbacks are 50% off the cover price, with a minimum of $1. They had an extensive collection, with books in every genre, and they were all in terrific shape. Here's my haul:

Clifton Adams, The Badge and Harry Cole.
Benjamin Appel, Fortress in the Rice.
Agatha Christie, Mrs. McGinty's Dead.
Agatha Christie, And Then There Were None.
Agatha Christie, Hickory Dickory Death.
Agatha Christie, Crooked House.
Agatha Christie, Murder With Mirrors.
Brian Garfield, Death Sentence.
Brian Garfield (Brian Wynne), The Bravos.
Ed Gorman, Trouble Man.
Alfred Hitchcock, Death Can Be Beautiful.
Alfred Hitchcock, Once Upon a Dreadful Time.
T.V. Olsen, Ramrod Rider.
Lewis B. Patten, Top Man with a Gun.

Also, the April 12, 1948 issue of Life Magazine with Barbara Bel Geddes on the cover, which I had been searching for for a few years. That was the most expensive item: $10. Everything else was a buck.


  1. That looks very much as I imagine Heaven must look. And nice haul!

  2. I second what Heath said. Did you see Jesus or Bogie wandering around?

  3. No, I missed them, but only because I didn't get a chance to see the whole store. I'm not even sure I saw the whole book section... Bogie and Jesus were probably inspecting the new indoor bathrooms. Indoor plumbing--still a novelty in Maine!

  4. Some people have all the luck, don't they? But I am happy for you...I really am! You are lucky if you see a barn anywhere in India, let alone a barnful of books. That aside, I enjoyed reading about the Big Chicken Barn. Could you, time permitting, write more about the 15,000 books and 20,000 magazine? Thanks. It's always a pleasure to come across a fellow Agatha Christie fan. I have never read Brian Garfield and this is as good as any a time to get hold of some of his books.

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  6. I owe Brian Garfield an apology. I read THE ROMANOV SUCCESSION in early 1990s and remember liking it immensely, both for his style and the fact+fiction story about the struggle for the Russian throne. I realised I had read this book only this evening when I happened to pick up THE PALADIN and saw the "Also by Brian Garfield..." inside. Now I can't wait to read it.

  7. Oh my good gravy. That place looks AMAZING. You could spend a week in there!

  8. I've shopped there many times, Cullen. The best bookstore I've ever visited.


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