Bangor Book Score!

This week I've been in Maine visiting my folks. Aside from eating copious amounts of homemade pie, one of my top priorities was to visit the local bookstores in Bangor. I visited both Bookmarc's and Pro Libris, and walked away with an armload of great finds. While certain things have gone up in price around Maine, the price of used books has stayed pretty low. Most of these only cost me about $1.45! The most expensive book was the hardcover of The Death Ship, for $4.95. The best deal–and the best find–was Harry Whittington's Sicilian Woman...for 50 cents! As if my "To Be Read" pile wasn't out of control enough already...but I'm still looking forward to reading all of these in the months (er, years?) to come.

I know that I should be thankful to be back home and hanging out with the family...but, honestly, this afternoon was about as fun as fresh blueberry pie.

The Loot:

Clifton Adams, Tragg's Choice.
Lawrence Block, Introducing Chip Harrison: No Score & Chip Harrison Scores Again.
George G. Gilman: Edge #5: Blood on Silver.
George G. Gilgman, Edge #11: Sioux Uprising.
Elmore Leonard, Forty Lashes Less One.
Elmore Leonard, Valdez is Coming.
Frank Norris, The Octopus.
Bill Pronzini, Panic!
Bill Pronzini, The Snatch (Nameless Detective #1)
B. Traven, The Death Ship.
Harry Whittington, Sicilian Woman.


  1. The Whittington's a good find, all right. I've read THE OCTOPUS a number of times. Did a master's thesis on Norris many long years ago.

  2. Earlier in the week I found a copy of Norris' THE PIT, as well. Looking forward to reading them both.

  3. That's a neat little pile there. I like Elmore Leonard whose PAGAN BABIES I read last month. He is one of few writers who doesn't bother with descriptions. I also had occasion to leaf through his TEN RULES OF WRITING where Rules 8 & 9 state "Avoid detailed descriptions of characters" and "Don't go into great detail describing places and things." Wonder how many writers agree with him...

  4. I never find books like this at used book stores. Just the regular best sellers.


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