Talmage Powell on Words and Writing, Part 2

This is third-hand information, and perhaps more than a tad apocryphal, but nonetheless amusing.
"Day Keene, when he first introduced me to Talmage Powell...told me that Powell only wrote on Friday afternoons. With the volume of work he's turned out over the years, this had to come under the heading of a base canard, but Powell apparently thought it amusing enough not to deny it." --Robert Turner, Some of My Best Friends Are Writers, But I Wouldn't Want My Daughter To Marry One!, page 176-177


  1. Around the time I came to Florida from Mexico in 1999 (to Pinellas County which your interviewee William Heffernan now writes about), I received an e-mail from Talmage Powell answering a question I had about his work. Powell lived somewhat nearby on the west coast of Florida, and I should have followed up immediately to see if I could meet him for a lunch or something, but I must have been, as they say, "brain dead" at the moment and never followed up on it. A year or so later, Powell passed away and the door on that opportunity closed forever.


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