Dave Zeltserman's "Old Wives' Tales" at Beat to a Pulp

Dave Zeltserman is over at Beat to a Pulp with a real zinger this week called "Old Wives' Tales."

You all know the old saying, All Roads Lead to Rome?

The pulp equivalent would have to be something like, All Roads Lead to Crime. Even the most innocent gesture or innocuous activity can lead a character down the darkest paths.

"Old Wives' Tales" begins with a salmon dinner between three old pals: husband and wife Craig and Susan, and their friend Felix. Soon, insults are hurled, sides must be taken, and plans of attack must be made.

It's a terrific story with a top-notch mix of suspense and humor, as well as echoes of Fredric Brown in its melding of a seemingly ordinary scenario that subtly (and quite suddenly) turns extraordinary.


  1. Yeah, it's brilliant. But he's the master, really.

  2. Punchy review of a top-notch story.

  3. One of the finest short stories of the year. Thanks for taking the time to review it, Cullen.


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