Scott Phillips, Sophie Littlefield, Noir, and The Apocalypse

Scott Phillips and Sophie Littlefield talk it up over at Mulholland Books! Among other things, they talk about writing, genre, Charlton Heston, and the end of the world.

Here's what Scott Phillips has to say about the apocalypse:

"As for the end of the world, I’d be surprised if it’s an all-out nuclear exchange that leaves only cockroaches and microbes. It seems to me much more likely that things will just get shittier and shittier in all kinds of predictable ways until the world is no longer recognizable to us or hospitable to human life, at least not on a large technological scale. I’m attracted to dystopian or apocalyptic stories for the same reason I like certain types of crime or noir stories: they’re about people on the edge of normalcy, about to trip into abnormalcy and destruction. And I find all this funny, which is probably an indication that I’m not really a very nice person deep down."

Read more here at Mulholland Books!

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