NoirCon Pictures

Kieran Shea and Jonathan Woods

Dennis Tafoya

The NoirCon Bookstand, courtesy of Farley's Bookshop - this is only a fragment of the books they brought along! A great selection that included books by all of the panelists. If only I had won the lottery before I attended...

NoirCon Audience

NoirCon Master of Ceremonies Charles Benoit gives away a raffle prize: beer!

Lou Boxer, NoirCon founder, pulls double duty as bartender.

Jed Ayres, Kieran Shea, and Wallace Stroby

Scott A. Cupp and Patti Abbott

Eric Rice and Aaron Finestone

Ed Pettit, Meredith Anthony, and Peter Rozovsky

Megan Abbott and Anthony Neil Smith

Matthew Martin Quinn, Libby Cudmore, and William Boyle

Margery Budoff, Jeff Wong, Scott Phillips, and Lou Boxer

Cameron Ashley and Duane Swierczynski


  1. I salute you, Cullen "Arthur Felig (aka WeeGee)" Gallagher. A new Noir photographer is born. Long may your shutter capture the underbelly of Noirabsinth all of its shining lights.


"Test Tube Baby" by Sam Fuller (1936)

Test Tube Baby is the second novel from Samuel Fuller (here credited as “Sam Fuller”). Published in 1936 by Godwin, Publishers, it is among...