Newspapers sure ain't what they used to be (Day Keene edition)

Wouldn't it be swell if you could get your morning cup of coffee, tea, or Ovaltine (my preference), and open the daily newspaper to page 29 and read a serialized version of a Day Keene novel? Well, beginning in May of 1953, you could. While doing research on Day Keene (real name Gunard Hjerstedt), I discovered that his novel To Kiss, or Kill was serialized in at least two different newspapers: the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and the Galveston Daily News in Galveston, Texas.

And they say New York has everything...well, here's at least one thing we definitely don't have.

Here's a glance at the first installment of the serial on page 29 of the Galveston Daily News, May 29, 1953. Right between the shoes and the comics, and beneath the Indo-China War.

P.S. Pulp Serenade reviewed the Gold Medal edition of To Kiss, or Kill earlier this year.


  1. My hometown used to run a daily serials, too. A lot of the paperback and pulp writers were represented.

  2. That's the sort of news I would look forward to reading everyday! They should bring it back.


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