Coming Soon: Gold Medal Westerns Marathon

Coming soon to Pulp Serenade will be a marathon of Gold Medal Westerns. Reviews, quotes, and high-quality scans will accompany all reviews, as well as an essay of appreciation. While the Gold Medal crime novels get most of the acclaim these days, the imprint also published a large number of excellent Western novels (many of them authored the same writers as their crime novels). This marathon will celebrate the Gold Medal Westerns with a selection of their best works that span nearly half a century. Stay tuned for more details!


  1. Love those covers. THE NAME'S BUCHANAN became a Randolph Scott/ Budd Boetticher movie, BUCHANAN RIDES ALONE.

  2. I've got several of these, the Buchanan and the Gorman. Looking forward to your series.

  3. Thanks for pointing out the movie connection, Wallace. I'll try and track it down before I write the review. I've enjoyed the two Buchanan books I've read -- looking forward to reading the others. I quite like Randolph Scott, so I bet the movie would be something I would enjoy.


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