Reed Farrel Coleman on Words and Writing

"The best advice is the simplest: Write every day even if you think what you’re doing stinks. Fall in love with writing, not with what you’ve written. Put your energies into writing the best things you can, not how to sell them. If it doesn’t say it on the page, it doesn’t say it.

"About mystery writing, the first rule is engaging the reading. If you can’t engage the reader enough to keep turning the pages, then the rest of it, no matter how brilliant your prose might be, isn’t worth a thing."

--Reed Farrel Coleman, from an interview at Noir Journal

Also, Coleman's latest Moe Praeger novel, Innocent Monster, will soon be published by Tyrus Books. Be sure to request a copy form your local, independent bookseller.

Read my review of the first Moe Praeger novel, Walking the Perfect Square. Also reviewed on Pulp Serenade is Coleman's collaboration with Ken Bruen, Tower, and Coleman's short story "The Frog."


  1. I have not been writing every day lately. I've got to get back into that.

  2. It is so easy to slip out of it and so hard to slip back in. Gone four days and it's monstrous not putting comments on blogs instead of writing.

  3. Great site.
    Thanks for the ref to Noir Journal.
    Mike L.


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