Making the Rounds: Short Stories

Some of Pulp Serenade's favorite writers have been very busy lately. Check out what they've been up to.

--An excerpt from Patti Abbott's "Ghostscapes," soon to be published in BEAT to a PULP: Round One, was posted over at David Cranmer's blog, The Education of a Pulp Writer. Here's just a sample of what is to come. For the full excerpt, and more information about the anthology, click the links.
Helen eventually settled on the 31st of July as the date of her death. It was difficult to be certain because for days, perhaps as much as a week, she wandered around the cottage without any glimmer of what had befallen her...
--Jason Duke's long awaited Pheonix Nightlife has finally hit the web. Parts one and two have been posted at CrimeWAV. Here is the trailer.

--Paul D. Brazill's upcoming story, "Guns of Brixton," will not only appear in the next issue of Crime Factory, but will also be anthologized in Maxim Jakubowski's The Mammoth Book of Best British Mysteries. Read all about it at Paul's blog.

--Beat to a Pulp is back again this week with another hell of a story. This week's punch is "The Little Boy Inside" by Glenn Gray.

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