Jed Ayres Interviews Duane Swierczynski

Jedidiah Ayres' interview with Duane Swierczynski over at Hardboiled Wonderland is so damn good that I can't not plug it here on Pulp Serenade. If you haven't read any Jed's interviews before, then you've clearly been missing out. Read the interview with Duane about his new book, Expiration Date, and then read as Jed is questioned over at Conversations with the Bookless. Still want more? Yes, you do, so head over to Jed's Ransom Notes at Barnes and Noble.
Jed: That said, there is a risk in losing readers if they don't read across various genres. You may have written a brilliant noir SF epic, but try getting the attention of a reader who specifically avoids all things SF. Duane: So yeah, genre labels can be limiting. Ideally there would be only two sections of any bookstore: True Shit and Made-Up Shit. (And okay, maybe a few subsections of these two, like Made-Up Shit for Teenagers, True Shit for Toddlers, etc.) But I do appreciate and understand the need for genre labels. When I'm in the mood for a specific kind of story, and I sometimes wish the little description on the spine of the paperback would say BLOOD-SPLATTERED HORROR or TOUGH GUY STUFF FROM THE 1930s.

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