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If you haven't checked out the latest updates over at www.davidgoodis.com, Aaron Finestone's site called Shooting Pool With David Goodis, then be sure and check it out soon. The site is a Goodis lover's paradise – rare photos, in-depth looks at different aspects of his life and work, conversations with those who knew him, and loads of other goodies. It's one of the most insightful and valuable collections of information on the author out there. A real one-of-its-kind venture, it makes you wish such comprehensive, well-researched sitets existed for other authors. Two of the latest updates include "Truffaut and Goodis" (about the French adaptation of Down There into Shoot the Piano Player) and "The Final Destruction of Goodisville" (a photo-essay about the remains of Goodis' old haunts around Philadelphia), which is particularly haunting. "Around New Year's day, probably 1976," writes Finestone, "I visited the church yard of Gloria Dei (Old Swedes' Church) in the heart of Goodisville. How many Goodis characters lived secret lives here we will never know."

Visit Shooting Pool with David Goodis by clicking here.

(image courtesy of www.davidgoodis.com)

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