Wild West Monday The Third! Coming Soon...

If you missed the first two Wild West Mondays, don't despair - number three is right around the corner, and it's going to be bigger than ever before. Spearheaded by Western author Gary Dobbs, whose debut novel The Tarnished Star (published under the name Jack Martin) is being released by Robert Hale LTD/Black Horse Westerns this June, Wild West Monday is a global effort to show love for the Western genre. And it's easy and fun to participate:

On Monday, June 1st, go to your local bookstore or library and request and express your interest in Western literature. Ask if they have a section dedicated to them, and if they don't already, then suggest they start one.

For more information on Wild West Monday the Third, check back to Gary's blog, The Tainted Archive, all this month for exclusive special guest bloggers and other Western goodies.

To help get in the mood, I have included a link above to a moving speech by Western icon William S. Hart. Filmed as a prologue to a re-release of his final film Tumbleweeds, Hart pays homage to the genre which he loves dearly.

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