The Silence After Sound: Hollywood's Last Silent Movies

When I'm not reading books, I'm usually watching movies. And, as of late, most of them have been silent, as I've been preparing a series of reviews for Not Coming to a Theater Near You. The feature is called "The Silence After Sound: Hollywood's Last Silent Movies" and it examines silent cinema in the wake of The Jazz Singer. My introductory essay went up late last night (or was it early this morning?) and, beginning tomorrow, we will post a new review every day. I don't want to give away the titles, but there will be 16 in total.

Read my introduction here, and be sure to check back daily at for updates!

Below I've provided a few stills from some of the movies that will be reviewed as a hint of what's in store. Try and guess which films they come from in the comments section!

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  1. I love silent movies and regularly post (The Navigator was on Saturday) them on my blog. I will have to check this out...


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