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Gordon Harries, who runs the blog Needle Scratch Static, has just started a new column called "Crime Scene" in the online magazine The Hub. Issue #74 is just out, and for his inaugural column he has written an insightful and informative essay called "Dashiell Hammett and ‘Red Harvest’: An Appreciation." "Corruption is endemic to the human condition and that the acceptance of that corruption simply enables it to spread ever further," Harries rightfully points out. Be sure to check back often with The Hub for more updates.

Download The Hub #74 here.

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  1. Hi Cullen,

    Just a quick note to thank you for the nod, it’s very much appreciated.

    I’d also like to mention that I’ve installed a side bar on the blog to indicate what work I have upcoming and when it should be live. Next week will feature a couple of reviews, the week after that a book review and an interview with the author of said tome and the week after that I’ll be covering the pre-release editions of an eagerly awaited adaptation of a British author.

    It’s going to be fun.

    BUT enough shilling, back to work.



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