Fredric Brown's "Night of the Jabberwock"

I had the honor and pleasure of contributing to Pattinase's "Friday's Forgotten Books" this week, so head on over to her excellent blog and check it out! You can always see her latest update in my Blog List, as well.

I wrote about Fredric Brown's marvelous Night of the Jabberwock (1950), a hardboiled-Lewis Carroll mystery, with plenty of alcohol and an escaped lunatic thrown in, just for fun. It is out of print at the moment (as most of Brown's novels unfortunately are) but it is most definitely worth hunting down.

Thanks to Patti for inviting me to join in!

And, as always, here is the original vintage artwork for the first Bantam paperback edition (Bantam #990) from 1950. Click for larger, hi-res images.


  1. Yes, this seems well worth checking out. ta for the lead.

  2. THE SCREAMING MIMI is a book from Brown I always enjoyed... I'll look for JABBERWOCK. Thanks.

  3. Yes! MIMI is another wonderful book. It is one of the few novels of his that was adapted to the screen - Dario Argento's The Bird With the Crystal Plumage. But I don't think they got "permission" to adapt the work, as Brown's named is not credited in the movie at all! But it follows so closely, it is unmistakable that Brown's novel was the source.


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